Product Review: Plant Fusion Protein Shakes

I started working for a wonderful business up in Walker, MN called The Green Scene. It’s a quaint and cozy shop, plump full of wonderful organic, vegan, gluten free, locally made, natural and green products. I love that in a town of under 1,000, I can get some fresh hummus, vegan deli goods, dairy free ice cream and cheese, and I even stumbled upon a plant protein powder. I’ve been training for a half marathon and enjoy starting my morning with a protein drink. I am really pleased with the Plant Fusion brand. It was a trial run and I will definitely be going back for more!

To make my drink, I added 1 frozen banana, 1 packet of chocolate Plant Fusion powder and 12 oz of water. Next time I may use almond milk to make it richer.



Shake, Shake, Shake, Señora!

Don’t let the quality of this picture fool you, this shake/smoothie is absolutely delicious. Normally I am not one to make such drinks because I hate to clean up after, but this is totally worth taking the time to make.

All you need is: 1 banana, 1 c non-dairy milk, 1 heaping tbls peanut butter, a splash of vanilla, 1/4 c oats, 2 tsps maple syrup, and a handful of chia seeds. Blend together and enjoy!