Soup and Brussels

Soup and salad is so boring. So, to mix it up, I did soup and brussels for dinner. The soup was pre-made and unfortunately much too sweet for me. I used Pacific brand Butternut Squash soup. I doctored it up the first night with roasted squash and rice, and it was good. But having it just plain I found to be barely edible. Maybe my taste buds are going through a phase.

The brussels sprouts were just dandy. I coated them in oil, pepper, garlic salt and nutritional yeast; and roasted at 450 F until tender and crisp.

To complete the meal, I had a slice of bread with a white bean spread.



Fresh Bagels with Vegan Strawberry Cream Cheese


I’ve been waiting a heck of a long time to taste test this vegan strawberry cream cheese. I find it to be in line with other vegan cream cheeses – great on something (i.e. a bagel) but tastes terrible on its own. Whereas dairy cream cheeses I could eat with a spoon. Haha, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. And it could be that since I still on occasion consume dairy products, my palate hasn’t totally adjusted. Who knows. Anyway I will definitely buy this stuff again.

And, wow, these millet bagels are amazing. I wish Minnesota had some!!


And here is another tourist-esque vacation photo!


Along with a super cute turtle I saw while on a nature walk at Eagle Lake Park, Florida…


Morning Randomness: Product Reviews

A while back I shared my love for this powdered peanut butter. Apparently there is a craze hitting the grocer’s shelves because I found another brand.

PB2 was tasty and was a lot cheaper than Just Great Stuff. I’m not knocking the latter, but I am pretty poor and wherever I can save a buck, I will. Even the $5 for the PB2 was a stretch for me. I really enjoy the powdered form because it’s much lower in calories and fat than processed peanut butter. Just check out the nutritional information.

I spread it over some toast and had it with some fruit. Yummy!

And for breakfast dessert, I had a small bowl of Mom’s Best Toasted Cinnamon Squares….holy food, was that good. I’m a huge cereal enthusiast, but haven’t always had the best time finding my childhood favorites in vegan form. After a label check, Mom’s Best is vegan!

Product Review: Just Great Stuff Powdered Peanut Butter

I had read about Betty Lou’s powdered peanut butter in some of the blogs I follow and when I saw it as a featured item at the local grocery store I knew I had to try it. Granted my frugality nearly prevented me from adding it to my cart. Each jar was selling for about $10. However, one must live and experience new things once in a blue moon. (*note, you can buy Betty Lou’s powdered peanut butter on-line for under $9).

I originally added the powder to a banana smoothie. I couldn’t taste the peanut flavor as much as I had hoped, but I think if I added a scoop or two more next time it would increase the flavor. Last night I decided to follow the directions and add 1 tbls of water to 2 tbls of powder. The consistency was pretty thick but a few more drops of water made it perfectly creamy! The taste is a little different from freshly roasted peanut butter, but I think that is to be expected. The texture and peanut flavor are spot on. I was pleasantly surprised and definitely recommend you all try this out. It’s a healthy alternative that is tasteful and delicious. I can’t wait to make a pb&j with it next!