Siete de Mayo!

So, first of all, my detox too a detour. Apologies to those who were following. A three day detox is a noble one though! It definitely helped realign my focus and drive to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. So that’s a plus.

Secondly, I totally missed out on Cinco de Mayo. I usually like posting fun, festive foods, and here it is, just a few days late. I made a version of Vegan Richa’s pulled butternut squash tacos. Below is my spin on the recipe. I will definitely make these again. They turned out awesome.


– 1-2lbs butternut squash, shredded
– oil
– garlic powder
– salt
– packet of organic Southwest Taco mix
– 1/4 c bbq sauce
– 1/4 c Drew’s Smoked Tomato Sauce

1. Sauté squash in a little oil, garlic powder and salt
2. Mix taco seasoning, bbq sauce and Drew’s Smoked Tomato sauce in a separate bowl. Use about 1/4 c of the spiced paste and add it to the skilled
3. If necessary, add 2-3 Tbls water
4. Simmer until squash is tender
5. Serve on corn tortillas with your favorite taco fixings!



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