Raw Cleanse: Day 1

Before you dive into a raw cleanse, or any cleanse for that matter, let me ask why are you doing this? Oftentimes people attempt cleanses and quickly become discouraged. Others will complete the cleanse then revert to old habits. And some are completely ok with doing this. For example, before social gatherings or hitting the beach, people want to feel detoxified and healthy. My encouragement is to take what you’ve learned during that time and continue on with it.

For me, this particular raw cleanse is a reminder of how great I felt this summer (when I was mostly raw) and how much I love to be challenged in creating food in new ways. I know after this week, I’ll go back to my veg lifestyle, however it’s my goal to work towards a half raw, half cooked.

The morning started off with a fresh juice full of kale, cilantro, cucumber, lime, celery and pineapple. Quite possibly one of my favorite juices ever. At work, I sampled a few of our fresh cold-pressed juices and ate these wonderful sweet potato noodles with a miso-peanut sauce.


Dinner consisted of a creamy zucchini pasta with red peppers


And for dessert, I loaded up on my paleo bites!

Sweet Potato Noodles with Miso-Peanut Sauce

– 1 sweet potato, spiralized
– 2-3 Tbls peanut butter
– 1-2 tsp raw honey
– 1 tsp miso
– 1 tsp tamari
– small piece of fresh ginger
– 1 clove garlic
– water to thin to desired consistency
– spring onion and nuts for garnish

1. Blend ingredients in a food processor, pour over noodles. Enjoy!

Creamy Zucchini Pasta with Red Peppers

– 2 zucchini
– 3 mini red peppers, chopped
– 1 avocado
– 1/2 cucumber, peeled
– juice 1 lemon
– lemon infused olive oil, about 1 tsp
– handful of cilantro
– water to thin to desired consistency
– salt/pepper to taste

1. Spiralize the zucchini and add peppers, set aside
2. Blend the remaining ingredients, pour over pasta.


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