Spicy Thai Noodles with Tofu

After a day full of two jobs, multiple meetings, homework and spin class; needless to say I was in a hurry to eat tonight! I made a quick Thai noodle dish and the first step was putting an easy marinade together before leaving for the gym. A combination of garlic cloves, Bragg’s aminos, chinese ginger, rice vinegar, agave, and some water (it was really salty!).

Once I returned home I got a pot of water boiling, threw a bag of frozen veggies in a pan, and heated a skillet for the tofu. After the veggies thawed, I added a spicy Thai seasoning that my aunt got me from the Olive Branch Oil & Spice in White Bear; then I poured in a can of light coconut milk along with a teaspoon of brown rice miso. As that simmered, I browned my tofu. Then cooked a batch of wheat soba noodles. It was ready in under 30 minutes and I have to meals for the rest of the week!

step one: noodles

step one: noodles

step two: tofu

step two: tofu

step three: veggies

step three: veggies

step four:...eat!

step four:…eat!


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