Roasted Red Onion and Broccoli Stir-Fry

I’m not sure if this dish is technically a stir-fry, but… close enough. It was simple and hit the spot. My apologies for the measurements with the sauce…I wasn’t expecting it to come together as nicely as it did!

Roasted Broccoli and Red Onion Stir-Fry



  • 1 c broccoli florets
  • 1 small red onion, cut into bite size pieces
  • olive oil
  • rice vinegar
  • sesame oil
  • agave
  • Bragg’s amino acids, to taste
  • sriracha and/or red pepper flakes to taste
  • The Olive Branch Oil and Spice Garlic and Cilantro Balsamic
sampler pack

sampler set


  1. Preheat oven to 450F
  2. Coat broccoli and onion in light oil. Bake until tender (15-20 min)
  3. Meanwhile, brown chik’n strips in a skillet
  4. Then create the sauce. Add approx. 1/2 tsp of rice vinegar, agave, sesame oil, water, and balsamic vinegar. Add hot sauce and Bragg’s (or salt) to taste. Garnish with sesame seeds



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