Roasted Veggie Quinoa Salad

Tonight I roasted some eggplant and yellow peppers. To do so I simply sliced the eggplant, oiled, salted and peppered each side and placed onto a baking sheet. For the peppers, I just cut these into big chunks and threw them on the pan with no oil or salt. I baked the veggies at 375 F for 7 minutes, flipped the eggplant and baked for another 7-10 minutes.

While these were roasting, I cooked 1 cup of dried quinoa according to the box. Then, I multi-tasked by whipping up a homemade tahini dressing (~about~ 2 tbls tahini; 2 tsp olive oil; 1-2 tsp water; couple dashes of cayenne; 1/2 garlic clove; minced; splash of rice vinegar; 1 tsp agave; 1 tsp sesame oil; and a 7 sprays of Bragg’s aminos).

When the quinoa was done, I added the dressing which made about 1/4 cup or so. And after the veggies had cooled down some, I cut the eggplant slices into bite sized pieces and stirred everything together. I think this salad would be nice served hot or cold. Enjoy!


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