Morning Randomness: Product Reviews

A while back I shared my love for this powdered peanut butter. Apparently there is a craze hitting the grocer’s shelves because I found another brand.

PB2 was tasty and was a lot cheaper than Just Great Stuff. I’m not knocking the latter, but I am pretty poor and wherever I can save a buck, I will. Even the $5 for the PB2 was a stretch for me. I really enjoy the powdered form because it’s much lower in calories and fat than processed peanut butter. Just check out the nutritional information.

I spread it over some toast and had it with some fruit. Yummy!

And for breakfast dessert, I had a small bowl of Mom’s Best Toasted Cinnamon Squares….holy food, was that good. I’m a huge cereal enthusiast, but haven’t always had the best time finding my childhood favorites in vegan form. After a label check, Mom’s Best is vegan!


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