Curious Curry

Today’s just been one of those days, starting with the ominous sighting of a black cat before work. After work – dead car. Returned home to have a $20 late fee for a cookbook I rented from the public library. Outrage. So needless to say, I wanted a meal that was no fuss.

I came across a curry simmering sauce at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago and decided to try it out tonight.

I cranked up the radio, prepped my veggies and began steaming onions and garlic. In the end, I had added: red and yellow peppers, asparagus, broccoli, baby bok choy, celery and carrots.


When everything was soft I added the simmering sauce. While that was simmering away, I cooked some tofu which was in a quick-marinade (Bragg’s liquid aminos, sesame oil, rice vinegar and red pepper flakes) back while I was prepping veggies. After the tofu browned, I plated up.








Overall the spice level is perfect. Unfortunately I must have had a partial moment of blindness when buying this sauce because I loathe cilantro and this sauce is full of it. Somehow it didn’t trigger my gag reflexes like cilantro has a tendency to do. It tasted more tropical, with hints of lime and lemongrass, and less like what I connect curry to taste like. I’d definitely recommend this sauce if you are in a pinch for something quick.

Cheers to a better tomorrow 🙂


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