An IOU Meal for Julie

My good friend Julie is traveling right now and I made a dish tonight that she would be quite impressed with. Julie brought me to my first macrobiotics class a few years ago. While macrobiotics hasn’t been something I’ve fully, or even partially adopted, it is something I respect and sporadically incorporate when possible.

I made Azuki Beans with Kabocha Squash from Silverstone’s Kind Diet. I soaked 1 c of dried azuki beans overnight with a huge strip of kombu. Kombu is a sea vegetable and something I normally wrinkle my nose at. However, I believe in the nutritional benefits of sea greens so I refused to omit this.

Tonight I drained the beans and added them to a pot with fresh water. The recipe says to cook the beans with the kombu, but this breaches my kombu comfort level. I skipped that part.

Next, I brought the beans to a boil and covered the pot five minutes later.

Every so often I added more water as needed. I also fried an onion and added that to the pot (this was not in the recipe). After 40 minutes of simmering, I added over 2 cups of kabocha squash, along with more water.


I let everything simmer for another 20 minutes, added 1 tsp of shoyu, followed by a final 10 minutes of simmering.

I can taste a hint of sea-ness, but overall this is just how Silverstone describes it, “…nourishing and revitalizing.”



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