Simple Stir-Fry

After looking through the foods in my fridge, I realized I had everything I needed for a stir-fry. I sautéed summer squash, baby red, yellow and orange peppers, and garlic until soft and fragrant. I then added baby bok choy. When the bok choy cooked down, I added tofu and shirataki noodles. After a few minutes I drizzled some teriyaki sauce that I had on hand. Healthy, simple and delicious!


2 responses

  1. Your recipe for a simple stir fry looks and sounds delicious. I make many stir fry’s because they are also quick and nutritious. We like the shirataki noodles by Miracle Noodle and do not add any tofu to the recipe. They have many stir fry recipes on their facebook page. I also add some broccolli and bean sprouts along with Dorot seasonings which are frozen squares that are delicious. and a change from the terrioki sauce.

    • Hi Shiela! Thanks for commenting. I haven’t been to their Facebook page, but will definitely check it out as I too am a huge fan of stir-fry’s 🙂
      And I’ve seen the Dorot seasoning in the store, but haven’t ventured out in purchasing it yet…maybe I will think of something for my next blog!

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