Get Well Soup

I finally got the infamous cold that’s going around. I decided to make a simple soup with collards, broth, onion,  ginger and lentils. The cashier at the co-op suggested I add some fresh pressed garlic to the soup prior to serving, so I crushed one clove directly into my bowl. Hopefully this puts me on a path to a quick recovery!

Bring a carton of vegetable stock to a boil. Add 1 cup of lentils. While that’s cooking, saute an onion. When the onion is soft, add to lentils and broth. Once lentils are cooked through, add collards and fresh ginger. Serve when collards are bright green. Salt and pepper to taste. I served mine over brown rice and pre-cooked chickpeas.


2 responses

  1. What role do the collars play as far as immunity goes? I do understand the role of the ginger and garlic. Maybe some cayenne/red pepper or paprika would be a great addition as it is for a cold. 🙂

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