Oh Miso Hungry

Miso is a perfect meal on a night like this. I was half tempted to not make it, but really, it’s not that labor intensive. It just seems like it.

For those of you who’ve never heard of miso, you should familiarize yourself with it because it’s pretty great stuff! Miso is usually made from fermented soybeans (although the kind I used tonight was from barley) and can vary in color from white to brown to red. If you are wanting to experiment, try white miso first because it’s a bit milder in taste. My favorite brands are Mitoku and Miso Master. Miso Master can be found at most co-ops and even some grocers now. And don’t freak out about the prices, this stuff lasts foreverrrr.

When I make miso, I throw my favorite veggies into a pan, add water enough to cover and bring to a boil. Once veggies are fork tender, I reduce heat to very low and add some miso. When adding miso it’s helpful to have a mesh spoon…

I let this sit for a few minutes and serve it over cold rice (this helps cool the soup so you don’t have to wait forever to eat it).

Mmm, cold rice…


Miso, with broccoli, cauliflower, fried onion and buttercup squash (*you can leave the skin on with buttercup squash, it doesn’t get gross like other squashes)

Served over rice!


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