Make Way for WayFare!

Look at what I came home to today!

The kind folks at WayFare Foods have sent me a bunch of goodies to sample, including: hickory cheddar, cheddar, and mexi spreads, sour cream, and chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch puddings. Tonight I tried the mexi-spread and the we can’t say it’s sour cream. It was a perfect pairing with a new batch of rawcos and whole wheat pita bread. The mexi-spread was amazing. I had a hard time not eating it straight with a spoon. The sour cream was alright, but I was never a big sour cream fan. I think the sour cream would work great as an substitute for recipes that normally call for dairy sour cream (like certain desserts, dips, etc…)

For dessert I couldn’t decide between the three flavors…

…so I just closed my eyes and grabbed one. Vanilla! The texture was a little different from other puddings I’ve had, but it was still nice and thick. The flavor was amazing. I would definitely buy this and keep on hand.

I look forward to testing out the other samples later in the week!


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