Fresh Squeezed Simplicity

Today was the first day I made juice from scratch. I don’t think I will ever be able to have it any other way ever again. I recently purchased a juicer after falling in love with a fresh juice from The Wedge in Minneapolis. The juice at the Wedge was some $7 and I thought to myself, that’s a third of what I spend in a week on groceries, there is no way I can continue to purchase $7 juices. Lightbulb! “Buy a juicer!” After doing some quick researching via polling friends on facebook, I purchased a Hamilton Beach juicer from Amazon, $50+ with free shipping, I was sold.

I’ve only used it once, so I can’t fully judge the machine just yet. Although, I must say, this sucker is LOUD. Like holy moly. However it created a beautifully tasting product, which outweighs the noise.

Today I made carrot/orange/apple juice. Tomorrow I hope to make something with my greens (kale/collards). Yum, yum!

The perfect breakfast…


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