350 Degrees of Holiday Fun

As a participant of Christmas, it’s hard to believe the holiday is only four days away. Yeesh. Luckily I finished the majority of my holiday shopping weeks before Thanksgiving. I don’t have anything left, unless it’s random ideas (which I’d name, but my dad is a reader of my blog and I can’t give any hints away yet!)

I have a work holiday party tonight and wanted to make some festive treats. Since I work at a coffee shop, I chose to make Isa’s Chai Latte cupcakes. I also made Isa’s Chocolate Crinkles, but renamed them Mint Mocha Crinkles to fit the theme.


I got creative for the cupcakes and cut out stencils. I used a 4×4 piece of paper, traced an oversized outline of the cupcake and cut this out…

Then with the circle, I drew a shape and cut the shape out…

After sprinkling with powdered sugar, here is what I got:

I also did Christmas tree shapes

And now, to clean up…bleh


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