Extra Large Avocado

I came across this humongous avocado at the co-op the other day, but opted to not get it. However, my decision haunted me. I dreamed about these avocados in my sleep. I had to get my hands on one before they were out of season. Luckily the co-op still had some in stock. I grabbed one and am undecided on what to make. This guac recipe sounds pretty tasty. As does an avocado pasta dish…any suggestions? It’s really hard to not just eat it whole, right now.


2 responses

  1. I saw a ton of avocados like that when we went to Puerto Rico – can’t say they’re any better than little avocados – anyway – I like to make a piece of toast, spread avocado on, sprinkle a little salt, nutritional yeast, and a few drops of olive oil, spread it around and eat!

    • well apparently they have less fat, like almost half…but on that note, they are twice the size. So, technically, I think they are about equal. I like your idea though. I think that will be my late night snack tonight because I am running out of time to make stuff!

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