Favorite Vegan Staples

I’ve been dabbling with some interesting new (and old) products and I want to share some of my top fav’s…

Doesn’t Yogurt Come from Cows?

I recently came across Amande (non-dairy) yogurt. So far I’ve tried coconut, strawberry, peach, blueberry and plain. Coconut is nice for a sweet treat, but plain is my absolute favorite. When I ate dairy yogurt, I despised plain yogurt. But the almond yogurt has a nice base and doesn’t leave a grimy filling in your mouth.

The small containers sell for about $1-$1.70. I’ve seen them at Cash Wise and Coborn’s (St. Cloud) and Good Earth Food Co-op. Coborn’s has the large containers (plain and vanilla) for $3.39 (or $3.99, I can’t remember). These yogurts are also really great for baking, they give desserts a nice, moist texture.

Vegans Can’t Eat CREAM Cheese…

Next up is another faux dairy product, chive and garlic dairy-free cream cheese. Normally I feel like the non-dairy cream cheeses are weird, I mean, on a bagel they are okay, but I used to eat (dairy) cream cheese straight from the tub. After trying Galaxy’s chive and garlic cream cheese, I’m hooked. Seriously this stuff needs to be locked up. Yes, I will eat it straight from the tub. It pairs up nicely with some brown rice cakes (Trader Joe’s, $3!)

I’ve seen Galaxy products around town, but I was only able to spot the chive and garlic flavor at Fresh and Natural in Shoreview. But for some reason, I feel like Seward has it too….


RAW Cheese???

And last but not least, my favorite addition to a bowl of popcorn, Parma! chipotle cayenne powder. I tried this a while back by contacting the vendor and they sent me out a full-sized bottle to sample, for free! It was great. (*note, that was when I was living in Walker, MN where we had limited access to veg-friendly products). I’ll put this on steamed veggies, pasta dishes, soups, salads, etc.. The chipotle gives it a nice smoky flavor and the cayenne packs a heat, but it’s not too overwhelming.

It goes for about $3 or $4 a bottle, but it lasts forever. I’ve seen the plain and garlic flavors at various co-ops in Minneapolis, but I’ve only seen the chipotle cayenne at, again, Fresh and Natural. A definite must have!!

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