Happy Halloween!

I made Isa’s Pumpkin Pie Brownies for Advocates for Animals and the Environment’s potluck tonight. I think it may have been better in a springform pan. I feel like the 9×9 just didn’t cut it, but sometimes you just have to work with what ya got. I snuck a little piece out of a corner, just for precaution…turned out pretty well. A bit cakey though, boo that. Again, pan difference may have effected it and I did leave it in a bit longer than 30 minutes. The chocolateyness is outstsanding though.

I am too lazy to type the recipe out, but you can find it on the Post Punk Kitchen page. Trick or Treat!


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  1. Ah. I *never* bake brownies in glass pans anymore. It does something funky to the texture. I had to make that error multiple times (facedesk) before realizing, though. I find a dark coated metal pan works best! I actually went out and bought a pan just for brownies, since they are my favorite. I have that wiggly brownie pan that makes a billion edge pieces but it’s so huge I’d have to double most recipes!

    I’m tempted to try the recipe using my favorite metal pan and report back.
    Also, I under bake brownies due to just hating cakey ones so so much! 😉

    • oooh good tips! I’ll have to find my old metal pan somewhere. yes you should still try the recipe and let me know. I shouldn’t have overbaked, but I was reluctant to test it and ruin the pretty pumpkin topping!

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