TGIF: Sandwich Night

I started my second job this week. Yay for my checking account! Boo for my energy level. My new shift starts between 4am and 5am. To my surprise I managed to be somewhat productive after work this morning. I spent an hour at the gym, read a few chapters…but around mid-afternoon I fell into an endless siesta. When dinner came around the fridge was lacking in the leftovers department and I was far from motivated to attempt any laborious meals.

Tofurky to the rescue! I threw together a quick and delicious sandwich. In the process I found that my lettuce had gone bad, so my TLT turned into a double T. Still satisfying, so no worries! And for dessert I polished off the last of my chocolate chip cookies (I tried a new recipe earlier in the week, but was too lazy to take pics).


2 responses

  1. You can do it! That sounds rough. But, TGFTGIF (thank-god-for-thank-god-it’s-friday?) sandwiches! Are you going to be in the cities for any of VegWeek?

    • haha yes, double the thanks. That week actually happens to be my busiest week yet. Not only do I have a crazy schedule at Target (4-10:30am Tues, Thrs,Fri and Sat), but I also am doing stuff for Veg Week in St. Cloud and it’s the Global Social Responsibility Conference; so we’re doing a Pay-Per-Viewing on Tuesday with pledge sign ups and then Weds I am holding a film screening/discussion and on Thrs I am speaking in two classes…. So, unfortunately I doubt I will make it down there. I’ll be around Fri the 30th, but not for very long. Hopefully I can get to an event soon :/ (sorry, lonnnng answer)

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