Happy Rawgust!

A friend of mine recently enlightened me about a raw food movement that is currently taking place; fittingly called, Rawgust.

I’ve dabbled with raw foods, but never adhered to a full-on raw foods diet. For those of you that are unfamiliar with a raw foods diet, you only eat natural whole foods that aren’t cooked over 104 degrees Fahrenheit. You will come to befriend appliances like Vitamixes and dehydrators. After taking a raw foods cooking class back in October, I really opened up to this idea and began incorporating raw into meals here and there.

On Monday CAA had a dine-out at the raw restaurant in Minneapolis, Ecopolitan. The food was outstanding. I sampled sides like kimchi, cole slaw, fermented cucumbers, and a smokey cheese dip. My main course was so beautiful I could barely eat it! I had the Savory Casserole, “Herbed cashew ‘cheese’ & fresh vegetables layered with zucchini, avocado, & buckwheat ‘breadcrumbs.’” For dessert I dined on delightful little donut holes.

I invite you to join me this August in going raw. My own goal is to have a raw meal 5 times a week. But feel free to mold it to your liking. Maybe a Sat-raw-day? Ha. Yeah.


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