Thanksgiving: Fun-Filled or Frightful?

On the morning of Thanksgiving, I sent a Happy Thanksgiving text out to all of my friends. My good friend Valerie wrote back, “haha, more like Happy Vegetarian’s Nightmare Day…” I must admit, I was skeptical that I would be able to enjoy this holiday; despite the fact that all of my family was together for the first time in five years and it was my birthday. A part of me wanted to request an actual pardoning of the turkey at our traditional Thanksgiving meal. However, I am the only veg*n in my family and after reading an article posted in Dear Abby, I decided not to pursue it. My family could enjoy their feast over a bird who more than likely suffered a great deal just a few towns over (see HSUS story on Willmar turkey farm).

In an attempt to balance the injustice, I went ahead and adopted a turkey from Farm Sanctuary. His name is Harley and he is absolutely adorable. My aunt also helped a great deal by preparing separate dishes just for me, and my mother baked me a special vegan pumpkin cheesecake! The event itself had some snags. I received a few joking jabs regarding Harley’s adoption which I chose to ignore. I wanted the holiday to be about being thankful and not about arguing.

Another thing for which I was extremely thankful for this season was Compassionate Action for Animal’s annual Thanksgiving Potluck. As a vegan, being able to walk into a room and know without a doubt that you can eat everything in sight is phenomenal. Something that has always boggled me is why when people have certain dietary requests must some folks get so worked up? For example, if foods are made vegan almost everyone can enjoy them. However, when you put eggs, cheese, milk, butter, meats, fish, and so forth into foods, you automatically eliminate some individuals from being able to share that dish with you.

As holiday parties continue to take place over the next following weeks, I ask you to consider sharing a vegan friendly dish. The millions of suffering animals thank you.


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